MLB continues to screw over Oakland A’s fanbase

The rubber stamp process for the Oakland A’s has continued.

It does not matter that A’s ownership has yet to officially secure financing on their end for a stadium. It does not matter that there are questions about the long term viability of Las Vegas due to climate change. And it does not matter that John Fisher used revenue sharing to line his own pockets, infuriating other owners around the league. Major League Baseball decreed that a team needs to be in Las Vegas, and a team will be there come hell or high water.

Say goodbye to the Oakland A’s

And so that will come to pass. MLB owners unanimously decided that the A’s have done enough to justify a move to Las Vegas. Or maybe Rob Manfred is nothing more than a mouthpiece for ownership and this result had been predetermined years ago.

With this vote, the league ignored the fact that the move has more red flags than Tiananmen Square on May Day. Ownership needs to come up with another $1 billion for the stadium. There are lawsuits trying to stop the state from handing the A’s $380 million, claiming the state constitution was violated in doing so. Their lease on the Coliseum ends after 2024, and with the new stadium expected to be ready for 2028, the A’s need to find a home for at least three years. But who cares about the details?

In the end, almost everyone gets what they want. Fisher gets his new stadium and gets out of Oakland. Las Vegas gets a major league team. The owners get to enter a new market where they believe they can make more money. The only people that suffer are the A’s fans being left behind. But the next time Manfred gives a damn about the fans will be the first. No one should be surprised.

Major League Baseball gave their rubber stamp to relocating the Oakland A’s. Once again, the fans get screwed over.

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