Luis Arraez hoping for extension with Miami Marlins

Luis Arraez was everything the Miami Marlins hoped for in 2023. If he has his way, he will be staying in town for years to come.

To this point, the Marlins and Arraez have not had any talks about a long term deal. Arraez, however, made it clear that he wants to stick around. He told Daniel Alvarez-Montez of El ExtraBase that he loves the city and his teammates and that he “feel(s) at home when I play with those guys.”

Luis Arraez could be big part of Miami Marlins future

Arraez was a key piece in the Marlins’ attempt to overhaul their lineup over the previous offseason. He certainly lived up to expectations, posting a .354/.393/.469 batting line in his 617 plate appearances, hitting 30 doubles and ten homers. He also became the second player in the modern era to win the batting title in both leagues, joining DJ LeMahieu. However, unlike LeMahieu, Arraez won those titles in consecutive seasons.

There are some questions about Arraez going forward. He is currently playing second for the Marlins but is better suited for first going forward. His game is predicated on his ability to make contact and a solid eye at the plate. Both of those skills will diminish as he gets older. And that is something that the Marlins will need to consider at some point.

But that is a problem for the future. At 27 years old, Arraez is entering his hypothetical prime and could get even better. The Marlins have exactly the type of player they need in their lineup to help set the table. It makes sense to lock him in for as much of his prime as possible.

Luis Arraez wants an extension with the Miami Marlins. Considering what he means to their lineup, it makes sense to get a deal done.

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