Here comes the Milwaukee Brewers fire sale

It has already been a rough offseason for the Milwaukee Brewers. Brandon Woodruff underwent shoulder surgery and is expected to miss most of the 2024 season. Craig Counsell shockingly left the organization for the division rival Cubs. There are rumblings about possible relocation if improvements are not made to the stadium. It is not a good time to be Substandard.

Those times may only get worse. The Brewers are reportedly open to moving “virtually any player” on their roster as they look toward the future.

Milwaukee Brewers looking at major changes

So what does this mean? Corbin Burnes and Willy Adames are likely to be traded as they are free agents after the season. The Brewers would likely want to part with Woodruff, although his injury means that they would need to add another piece to the deal. Or maybe they can sign him to a one or two year extension for relatively cheap. Devin Williams is going to be shopped like he’s on eBay. Christian Yelich could go for anyone that wants him. Change could be coming.

But that does not mean that the Brewers are just going to put out the For Sale sign and call it a season. They have other young pieces that they could look to lock in to long term deals. And the Brewers do have some interesting pieces on the cusp of reaching the majors.

This may only be a small step back. The Brewers may have decided to have their rebuild even without Woodruff’s injury. It is all a matter of keeping their window open as long as possible. Or, in this case, re-opening the window as quickly as possible in hopes of their first championship.

The Milwaukee Brewers may have signaled that the rebuild is coming. This offseason may be one with several drastic changes.

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