Symbolic resolution passed supporting Oakland A’s

The City of Oakland is not giving up the Oakland A’s without a fight.

Casey Pratt from ABC 7 News reported that the Oakland City Council voted on a resolution that the A’s belong in Oakland. It received unanimous support, signaling that the mayor, City Council, Port Authority, and labour are all united to speak to Major League Baseball about keeping the team in town. As Pratt noted, it is rare to see all of these elements as a united front.

Too little too late to keep Oakland A’s?

Meanwhile, the drum continues to beat for the A’s to move to Las Vegas. MLB has continued to shove the franchise into the desert, attempting to force the A’s out of town. Whether or not the team relocates could be determined soon as previous reports indicated that the issue would be taken up at the owner’s meeting.

It is difficult to imagine this will not be a rubber stamp process. Commissioner Rob Manfred is essentially a mouthpiece for ownership. The league and owners want to hold every city they can over a barrel to spend taxpayer money on new stadiums and help line their pockets. Why would they let Oakland off the hook when Las Vegas will throw money at the A’s? And if Oakland wants a team so badly, someone can pony up the expansion fee.

As for the resolution? It’s certainly a nice gesture and shows that the city wants to keep the A’s. It also means absolutely nothing. The league only cares about making money and improving their bottom line. If the fans mattered, they would have forced John Fisher to sell the A’s long ago.

The City of Oakland unanimously passed a resolution saying the Oakland A’s belong in town. Too bad that resolution does not matter to the league at all.

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