New York Mets have best owner in city

The New York Mets were the city’s poverty franchise for years.

It was easy to understand why. George Steinbrenner would spend anything necessary to win championships or remain prominent in the tabloids. The Mets, helped by the Wilpon family, found ways to embarrass themselves. Whether it involved being scammed by Bernie Madoff, deferring payments to Bobby Bonilla until the end of time, or their own general incompetence, the Mets were a joke.

New York Mets owner Steve Cohen truly investing in franchise

The tables have turned. While Hal Steinbrenner is living in a land of delusion and feels that they do not need a $300 million payroll, Mets’ owner Steve Cohen is spending as much as he needs on the organization. While they may not have a payroll pushing $350 million next year, Cohen is finding ways to invest in the organization. That includes his latest plans – an $8 billion investment over 50 acres surrounding Citi Field.

According to Darren Rovell from Action Network, Cohen has big plans for the area. Not only will that area have the typical restaurants and bars, but there will also be a music venue and a Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. In keeping with the league’s ties to sports betting, there will be a sports book at the casino as well. There will also be a public park accounting for 20 acres of space. It is a significant investment, and one that should pay off for the organization.

Yes, the Yankees are in a different part of the city. And they may not be able to do something similar as the Steinbrenner’s do not have the financial resources Cohen does. But it is another sign that the Mets are finding every way possible to build up their franchise while the Yankees are complacent. It is also another sign that the Mets now have the best ownership in the city.

Steve Cohen is finding ways to invest in the New York Mets. In a turn of events, they have the best ownership in the city.

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