New York Yankees already leading offseason in delusion

New York Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner promised a “deep dive” into the organization this offseason. He referred to their performance as “obviously unacceptable.” Changes were going to be made. In the end, the only thing that Steinbrenner and the Yankees found was a great deal of nothing.

Well, that is not entirely true. Steinbrenner said that the Yankees would bunt more as manager Aaron Boone feels that it is becoming a bigger part of the game again. That look at the analytics department and the possibility of an outside company coming in to help run the operation? General manager Brian Cashman finds claims that the Yankees are an analytically driven organization to be laughable.

That’s not all that Cashman said. He feels that having their coaches and analytics people poached by other organizations means that they are “pretty fucking good.” The trades for Joey Gallo and Sonny Gray? They can’t be that bad if teams in the postseason picked them up afterward! And, as a whole, Cashman feels that the Yankees are “pretty fucking good” as well.

New York Yankees proving to be oblivious to reality

Apparently the Yankees found something else in that “deep dive” this offseason. They found a great deal of delusion. Cashman feels that injuries were a big part of their 82-80 record. Steinbrenner said that the Yankees would be active, but that a $300 million payroll isn’t necessary. King George must be spinning like a rotisserie chicken in his grave.

Yes, injuries made an impact. However, the Yankees had black holes behind the plate, at third, and in left. There was not enough depth in the rotation and the bullpen lacked a true stopper. In fact, their overall depth was mediocre at best. Some of their young players will help, with Austin Wells ready to step in at catcher and Jasson Dominguez ready to take the majors by storm. But that is not going to be enough.

Ultimately, it appears that nothing will change. That injuries were the cause of their disappointing record, not a mediocre roster. That Cashman and Boone are not a reflection of their complacency. And that the game has not passed their brain trust by. Instead, the reality is that the Yankees are oblivious. Changes need to be made, and it is clear that Hal Steinbrenner doesn’t have the backbone to make them.

The New York Yankees “deep dive” turned up something all right. It showed that the organization is filled with delusion.

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