Kevin Kiermaier pursuit shows Minnesota Twins have not learned anything

In a vacuum, Kevin Kiermaier makes sense for the Minnesota Twins.

It should not be a surprise that the Twins are reportedly interested in his services. Michael A. Taylor is a free agent. Byron Buxton is a star when he is on the diamond, but his picture is next to the definition of fragility. There is also no guarantee that Buxton can play center going forward due to his ongoing injury woes. The Twins need to add another piece that can handle the rigours of the position.

Kevin Kiermaier more of the same for Minnesota Twins

The problem is that Kiermaier is essentially the same. He also has issues avoiding the Injured List, appearing in over 120 games just four times in his ten full seasons in the majors. While he was durable based on his standards last season, appearing in 129 games, that is not exactly something that anyone can count on.

That is not to say that Kiermaier was not a solid piece for the Blue Jays last year. He produced a .265/.322/.419 batting line in his 408 plate appearances, hitting 21 doubles and eight homers while stealing 11 bases. Not only was his 104 OPS+ his best showing since 2017, but he also saved 18 runs in center. It is fair to consider Kiermaier as the second or third best free agent in center.

And that has to be looked at as a giant red flag. Kiermaier is likely to receive a multi-year deal in free agency after his respectable showing last year. The question is how much of that deal will be spent on the diamond. The Twins can ask a similar question about Buxton. Ultimately, this is not a deal they should be looking to make.

The Minnesota Twins are reportedly interested in Kevin Kiermaier. He is just another injury waiting to happen in their outfield.

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