Finding the next first time World Series winner

And then there were five.

Now that the Texas Rangers have won the World Series, only five teams are left without a championship. The Padres and Brewers are the oldest teams in the majors without a title, coming into existence in 1969. Joining them are the Mariners (1977), Rockies (1993), and Rays (1997). The Mariners are the only team in that group that has failed to advance to the Fall Classic, hindering their ability to break through.

Which team could be the next to break through and win the World Series in 2024? Let’s take a look from the most to the least likely.

The most likely first time World Series winner for 2024

Seattle Mariners – Of those teams, the Mariners may be the closest. Jerry Dipoto’s constant tinkering with the roster has led to a team that is on the cusp of being a perennial playoff contender. At the same time, his constant tinkering could interfere with a roster that is ready to take that next step. Dipoto’s next moves will make a significant impact on whether or not the Mariners can fulfill their potential.

San Diego Padres – The Padres have learned that buying a championship is harder than it would seem. Despite being in the top five in payroll over the past three seasons, they have reached the playoffs only once in that time. The Padres are also looking to slash payroll next year which could make this quest more difficult. However, they have a strong core and an owner that wants to win. Their time could be coming soon.

Tampa Bay Rays – It is not a matter of whether or not the Rays will get to the postseason. They have been one of the better regular season teams over the past decade. The problem is that, aside from rare occasions, they cannot get that success to translate to the playoffs because they are not build for a short series. A collection of very good players can catch fire, but the Rays need someone to join Randy Arozarena as a threat in the postseason. Everything could break right for the Rays, but that will be the only way they win a title.

Milwaukee Brewers – The Brewers would have been higher on this list heading into 2023. However, the loss of Brandon Woodruff could lead to a rebuild as Willy Adames and Corbin Burnes will be free agents after next seasons. The Brewers’ payroll concerns could close their playoff window for now.

Colorado Rockies – HAHAHAHAHAA!!!! No.

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