Jorge Soler, Atlanta Braves face problematic lawsuit

Having players toss a ball to fans is a part of the game. Thanks to a lawsuit against the Atlanta Braves and Jorge Soler, that could be in danger.

A fan, Mayra Norris, as well as her husband, have sued the Braves and Soler for unspecified damages and compensation “including, but not limited to, past and future medical expenses; and past, present and future pain and suffering.”

Atlanta Braves, Jorge Soler potentially in legal trouble

The lawsuit states that Soler threw the ball hard into the stands during Game Three of the 2021 World Series, using an overhand motion. The ball struck Norris in the eye, causing severe injuries. She suffered multiple facial fractures, a right eye edema, and an infra-orbital abrasion due to the ball hitting her in the face. Those injuries not only required “extensive treatment” but also long term care.

We all know those disclaimers on the tickets and at the ballpark. They state that the holder of the ticket assumes the risks of anything that could happen, including balls and bats flying into the stands. Netting around the ballpark has helped mitigate some of those injury concerns. However, those nets cannot stop everything and fans do need to pay attention.

Those nets also do not necessarily mean that the team would be responsible. The Idaho Court ruled that the disclaimer does not mean that teams, the stadium, and the players are immune to legal action. Considering that there are so few similar cases, and Soler intentionally fired the ball into the stands, Norris could have a case. If so, the days of balls being thrown into the stands could be coming to an end.

Jorge Soler and the Atlanta Braves are being sued over a ball thrown into the stands during the World Series. They could actually have a case.

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