Los Angeles Dodgers: Mookie Betts sets off firestorm

Sometimes, a person just needs to know when to give a generic answer. For Los Angeles Dodgers star Mookie Betts, that was the case on Monday.

Betts was a guest correspondent at Game Three of the World Series on Monday. Normally, this would be a nice, uncontroversial gig, something he could use to further his name recognition. But Betts was asked about Trevor Bauer, leading to a rather unfortunate response. Betts said that his “experience with Bauer is not anything remotely close to what everyone else’s experience is. I love him. I think he’s an awesome guy. The personal things? I have no control.”

Maybe Los Angeles Dodgers star Mookie Betts should have left Trevor Bauer question be

Of course Betts has had a different experience with Bauer. Betts, as far as we are aware, is not female. He would not have gone through the type of abuse that had been alleged, leading to Bauer’s suspension and exile to Japan. At the same time, Betts’ statement does put a significant hole in the Dodgers’ claims that the locker room did not want Bauer back. As quirky as he is, he had at least one ally in the clubhouse.

No one can really fault Betts for speaking from the heart. He is simply looking out for someone that he considered a friend during their time together. The problem is that Bauer is one of the more controversial figures in the game. Even if he did not face criminal charges for his actions, the allegations were severe enough for the longest suspension in the history of the league’s domestic violence policy. Bauer is a public relations nightmare.

Now Betts has been dragged into that PR problem. He defended Bauer, something that was controversial enough even before his legal issues. Now that Bauer is an impending free agent, and a return to the majors is possible, those questions are going to start back up. Betts walked into a trap and has set off a firestorm.

Los Angeles Dodgers star Mookie Betts answered a question about Trevor Bauer honestly. That turned out to be his first mistake.

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  1. The writer of this story is an a$$ for the way he portray’s Bauer, I get it alot people don’t like him but the ones that don’t because of that girl need to educate themselves on Bauer’s case he was pretty much cleared of any wrong doing, actually the police and judge never believed the girl and said she wasn’t believable and there was proof she lied they just couldn’t and wouldn’t talk about it at the time. And the more interviews that girl does just shows more and more she was full of crap, so like him or not don’t treat him like that and keep talking the crap you did when the story first broke, I know a lot of you can’t admit you were wrong but don’t double down just so you won’t look bad

  2. If. he didn’t answer the question …the story line would be ” why didn’t he answer the question and what is he hiding “

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