Baseball United filled with former MLB talent

One would imagine that a startup baseball league would have issues with being noticed. A league is only as visible as its players and that tends to be an issue with any league, regardless of sport, looking to establish itself. Baseball United is not going to have that problem.

There was already plenty of star power amongst the ownership group. Former major league stars such as Adrian Beltre, Barry Larkin, and Felix Hernandez have joined the league. But that does not mean anything in terms of the players on the diamond. Ultimately, fans will watch for the action and talent, not the owners.

Former All Stars, Cy Young winner headline Baseball United rosters

Based on the players participating, talent should not be an issue. The rosters are each have several former All Stars with the likes of Pablo Sandoval, Jair Jurrjens, Didi Gregorius, and Robinson Cano amongst those playing. The Karachi Monarchs also have the ultimate fan favourite as Bartolo Colon is part of the roster. He alone should ensure that the Monarchs generate plenty of attention.

The league does not just have former major leaguers. They have added players from around the globe, from independent leagues to Latin America to Nippon Professional Baseball. It is also not just a collection of former stars looking to recapture some semblance of glory – there are plenty of players that are still in their primes looking for an opportunity.

It is possible that Baseball United can be that type of league. Players have gone to Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Mexico to rebuild their careers; why not the Middle East? The league has plenty of potential and now, after their first draft, the type of talent that should force people to pay attention.

Baseball United has plenty of former major league players as players. The talent level, for a brand new league, is impressive.

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