Oakland A’s closer Trevor May announces retirement

Not every player gets a chance to go out on their terms. Oakland A’s reliever Trevor May is making sure he can.

May announced his retirement via his Twitch channel on Monday. While he said that he wanted to leave the game on his terms, this does not necessarily mean that he is done with baseball. He mentioned that he enjoys talking about pitching and the game in general as well as teaching the game. It would not be a surprise if May went into coaching at some point based on those statements.

Oakland A’s reliever Trevor May going out on his terms

In theory, May would have been able to find another major league job for 2024. He had posted a solid 3.28 ERA and a 1.371 WHiP over his 46.2 innings, striking out 40 batters with 29 walks while notching 21 saves. May might not have gotten a closer role, but he would have been a key part of someone’s bullpen next year.

However, May also has more than his performance to consider. He missed a month due to anxiety after a rough start to the 2023 campaign. While he came back and put together a strong showing overall, his anxiety problems may have also put everything into perspective. Baseball may be his true love, and something he wants to remain a part of, but being on the mound just isn’t doable at this point.

And that is perfectly okay. Mental health does not get enough attention in this country and in sports. A lot of lip service is given to those battles, but few actually care enough to get involved. Perhaps May is simply looking out for his mental health because no one else truly will. No matter the reason, he is going out as he wants.

Oakland A’s closer Trevor May has decided to call it a career. He is leaving on his terms while he still can.

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