Chicago White Sox have a Tim Anderson problem

Tim Anderson was supposed to be part of the long term solution for the Chicago White Sox. That is no longer the case.

The White Sox hold a $14 million option on Anderson for the 2024 season with a $1 million buyout. It was not that long ago where the option was an easy decision, a guarantee to be picked up while possibly discussing another long term deal. That is no longer the case as the White Sox will have “an exhaustive discussion” about Anderson and his future with the team.

Decision time coming for Chicago White Sox, Tim Anderson

Anderson had established himself as a star with the White Sox from 2019 through 2021. He had produced a .322/.349/.495 batting line in his 1290 plate appearances, hitting 72 doubles and 45 homers. Anderson was an All Star in 2021 and won the 2019 AL batting crown. While his 2022 season was at least somewhat decent, the bottom fell out last year. He posted a .245/.286/.296 batting line in his 524 plate appearances, hitting just one homer and 18 doubles. In fact, one could make the case that Anderson was the worst hitter in baseball as his .582 OPS was the lowest of any qualified hitter in the majors.

There is also a matter of where Anderson could play going forward. Shortstop is weak in free agency this year, although the White Sox have top prospect Colson Montgomery moving through the system. Anderson had mentioned a willingness to move to second in the future if needed, but that is not necessarily an enticement to keep him in Chicago.

Ultimately, the White Sox may keep Anderson as that bridge to Montgomery. He is easily worth the $14 million if he can return to his previous form. Even performing at his 2022 level would make him valuable at the trade deadline if the White Sox continue to struggle. It would buy the White Sox time, which is something they need.

The Chicago White Sox have a decision to make with Tim Anderson. It might make the most sense to keep him around next year.

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