Billy Eppler’s transgressions forced New York Mets hand

It had appeared that Billy Eppler would survive another day with the New York Mets.

Changes were being made. Buck Showalter was let go. Several high ranking officials in the front office and player development were fired. David Stearns was brought on board after nearly a year of speculation. Through it all, Eppler appeared to be safe for the start of the 2024 season at the very least.

That suddenly changed on Thursday. Anthony DiComo from reported that Eppler had resigned as the Mets’ GM, saying that the team agreed that it was in everyone’s best interest. It turns out there was a reason for the unexpected change of heart – the New York Post reported that Eppler was being investigated for improper use of the Injured List.

New York Mets have unexpected hole to fill

This just adds another item on Stearns’ list. He already needed to replace a portion of the front office and player development staff. The Mets need a new manager. There are several holes on the roster, especially in the pitching staff, that need to be taken care of. Now Stearns has to find a general manager as well.

This may ultimately be for the best. Stearns can bring someone in who has the same vision he does, working together to bring that championship to Queens. The potential of a wasted year, either in terms of a rebuild or attempt to contend, is minimized. He will get that much more time to see his plans come to fruition.

It is also what the Mets should want. They should want Stearns to put his people in place as quickly as possible. After all, they would not have had such a dogged pursuit of his services if he could not bring in those that would help his vision. In the end, this may be for the best.

The New York Mets need to find a general manager after Billy Eppler resigned. It is an unexpected void, but it is also for the best.

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