Minnesota Twins finally get one monkey off their back

Playoff futility – thy name is the Minnesota Twins.

At least that had been the case for most of the past two decades. The Twins had not won a playoff game since 2004, beating the Yankees in Game One of the ALDS. Johan Santana earned the win that day, back in an era when Zack Greinke was a rookie and iPhones didn’t exist. Even Bartolo Colon was young back then.

Minnesota Twins look to change their playoff fortunes

It had been a long streak of futility since. The Twins had lost 18 consecutive games since that win back in 2004, the longest in all of professional sports. They were particularly brutal against the Yankees, who they lost 13 of those games to. Fortunately for the Twins, that slide has come to an end with their 3-1 victory over the Blue Jays. Pablo Lopez’s decision to wear a Santana jersey before the game proved to be a good one.

The Twins’ work is not close to being done. Winning their first playoff game in 19 years is a great start, but there are a lot more work before the franchise can be satisfied. After all, they have not won a playoff series since 2002 and their last championship came in 1991. At least they can take solace in the fact that they have the most recent championship in the four major sports in Minnesota…

A championship is a distant dream right now. As it stands, the Twins are one win away from advancing in the postseason for the first time in 21 years. It is a matter of winning each battle. The Twins got one monkey off their back on Tuesday – now it is a matter of getting the next one.

The Minnesota Twins won a playoff game for the first time in 19 years. That monkey is finally off of their backs.

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