Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling still an awful person

Curt Schilling had already pissed off most baseball fans. Now he has infuriated former Boston Red Sox players and their families as well.

Former Red Sox pitcher, and fan favourite, Tim Wakefield has been battling brain cancer. His wife is also battling pancreatic cancer and is very sick. He apparently had let his teammates and their families know, which included Schilling. Naturally, not being one to keep anything quiet, Schilling announced their diagnosis. Catherine Varitek spoke for everyone when she told Schilling to fuck off and that it was not his place to make that announcement. The Red Sox organization made a statement with Wakefield’s permission regarding his health.

Everything is about former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling

No one should be surprised that Schilling would be such a self-centered jackass as to gain attention from Wakefield’s medical woes. He’s a sexist, racist transphobe who collects nazi memorabilia. His social media posts were so heinous that ESPN fired him because of them. Alex Rodriguez was brought in to replace Schilling; any time that slimy weasel is an upgrade should speak volumes about the character of who he replaced. This was after he defrauded Rhode Island of $75 million for his “gaming company” and joked about lynching journalists. The baseball world may not agree on much, but they can agree that Schilling is a piece of shit.

Wakefield’s wishes, and those of his family, should be respected. They should be allowed to battle cancer in privacy, providing updates and information as they see fit. Putting that information on blast for everyone was not what he wanted.

That has been taken away entirely. Schilling had to get attention once again, no matter how he did so. Trampling their wishes and making an announcement he had no business broadcasting is par for the course. No one should be surprised at all.

Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling has taken a blowtorch to his reputation. He added broadcasting the Wakefield’s medical diagnosis without permission to his list of transgressions.

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