Minnesota Twins: Chris Paddack technically makes comeback

It has been a long road back for Minnesota Twins pitcher Chris Paddack.

He had last appeared in the majors on May 8, 2022, allowing three runs on five hits over 2.1 innings, striking out four. Paddack then underwent Tommy John surgery, missing just over 15 months as he recovered. He was finally activated on Sunday, getting a look over the final week of the season with an eye toward 2024.

Minnesota Twins pitcher Chris Paddack has easiest “outing” of career

Paddack was technically able to make his return on Sunday as well. He was warming up on the mound to begin the seventh inning when rain started to fall. After a 50 minute rain delay, he was replaced by Louie Varland, technically making an appearance without throwing a pitch.

As infrequent as Paddack’s accomplishment is, it has happened before. Stathead counts 24 different occurrences where a pitcher had an appearance but did not throw a pitch, although that may be questionable. Paddack is not listed, nor is Larry Yount. Robin Yount’s brother, he was injured while warming up and never returned to the majors. Interestingly, 22 of those outings led to an out being recorded.

Paddack will likely get another chance to make his “debut” this season. The Twins are going to be looking for the best options possible as they head to the postseason. Paddack could be a part of the solution as they look to solidify the middle of their bullpen. He just needs a chance to face a major league hitter first. Once that happens, the Twins should have an idea as to whether or not they have a new weapon for the postseason. And maybe, they can break their playoff losing streak in the process.

Chris Paddack technically made his 2023 debut with the Minnesota Twins on Sunday. Maybe next time, he’ll throw a pitch.

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