What if New York Yankees played and no one cared?

Fans were allowed in Yankee Stadium on Monday for the New York Yankees final home game of the 2023 season. You just wouldn’t know by looking at the stands.

Max Goodman from NJ.com tweeted (X’d? Posted?) an image of the stands at Yankee Stadium Monday afternoon. The stadium almost looked the way if did during the pandemic, with just a smattering of fans. It was a crowd reminiscent of the old days, when the Yankees were a laughingstock.

New York Yankees embarrassing Monday attendance understandable

One can understand why people would rather be doing anything else other than watching the Yankees. They have been eliminated from postseason contention, a disappointing end to a miserable season. They are facing the Diamondbacks, a team that most Yankees fans would prefer to forget exists. And a 1:00 PM start on Monday is not the best time for large attendance figures.

At the same time, the Yankees looked like they were playing in the Coliseum. There was a distinct possibility that the ushers outnumbered the fans at the ballpark. The Yankees may well have retired more numbers than had fans in the seats. Of course, they could spin it as “Everyone Gets A Foul Ball Day” and a fan friendly experience.

However, the truth is that the fans are done caring about this season. The Yankees have been fatally flawed for years with those self-inflicted wounds being all the more apparent this year. The Yankees fans are tired of watching the same lack of urgency year in and year out. Staying home for one game may not make a difference, but it will get plenty of attention on social media.

The New York Yankees played their final home game in 2023 on Monday. The problem is that none of their fans gave a damn.

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