Oakland A’s give Miguel Cabrera laughably insulting retirement gift

A bottle of alcohol is probably one of the last things someone should gift a recovering alcoholic. It’s just common sense. However, that is far more than the Oakland A’s have.

Miguel Cabrera was the recipient of the A’s latest stupidity and cheapness. The Tigers’ great is retiring at the end of the season and has been receiving gifts from every team he has faced. On Thursday, it was the A’s turn to give Cabrera something.

Oakland A’s completely missed mark with Miguel Cabrera

Naturally, they completely missed the mark. They gifted Cabrera a $90 bottle of wine on Thursday. That’s it – they couldn’t even bother writing a check to a charity in his honour. Just a comparatively inexpensive bottle of wine that was likely purchased when someone realized that they had to get him something. It’s the baseball equivalent of remembering a birthday and stopping at the petrol station on the way home. Hope ya like those Slim Jims kid!

We can even gloss over the fact that the A’s cheaped out on the gift. Cabrera is a recovering alcoholic, having been arrested for physically threatening his wife early in the morning on October 3, 2009. While he did not face charges, he spent 90 days in a rehab program. He had a relapse during spring training in 2011, arrested while he was drinking a bottle of whiskey beside his broken down vehicle. Cabrera has been a model citizen since, staying out of trouble while serving as a mentor for the young Tigers’ players.

It is not as though the A’s have a bunch of newer or younger people in their front office. Billy Beane has been part of the organization in some capacity since 1989. General manager David Forst has been part of A’s since 2000. Someone should have realized that giving a $90 bottle of wine to a recovering alcoholic is a stupid idea.

The Oakland A’s are a laughingstock in almost every facet. They added another layer of stupidity with their gift to Miguel Cabrera.

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