Time for Toronto Blue Jays to move on from Alek Manoah

The Alek Manoah saga may be coming to an end with the Toronto Blue Jays.

Manoah has been a disappointment this season, having been exiled to the minors twice due to poor performance and questionable conditioning. He had a disastrous outing in the Florida Complex League, but used a dominant showing in Double-A to make his way back to Toronto. However, that success did not translate to the major league level, leading to Manoah being sent down to Triple-A on August 11.

Toronto Blue Jays need to address the Alek Manoah elephant

That was just the beginning of the problem. Apparently, Manoah felt he was too good for Buffalo and refused to report to Triple-A. He is also reportedly not throwing bullpens or side sessions, making it highly unlikely that he throws another pitch for the organization this year. His season ends with a 5.87 ERA and a 1.740 WHiP over 87.1 innings for the Blue Jays, as he struck out 79 batters with 59 walks.

There is no real way to sugarcoat Manoah’s performance. He stank like a Mickey Mouse pull-up when Nick Castellanos appears on television (inside joke for like five people). His performance should have been enough for him to be banished into the swamps with Kermit. And yet, the Blue Jays were willing to give him a chance, hoping he could recapture the form that led to an All Star berth just last year.

That bridge has not just been burned – it has been nuked and the land salted for good measure. The Blue Jays and Manoah both need a change of scenery. Their relationship has become completely toxic. Maybe a new organization, and a difference voice, will help get him back on track. And maybe a different team can get him to mix in a salad.

The Toronto Blue Jays have to address the Alek Manoah elephant in the room. Addressing the problem should involve greasing the doorframe so he can leave.

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