New York Mets finally get their man

The New York Mets have been tied to David Stearns since he stepped down from the Milwaukee Brewers. On Tuesday, they finally got their man.

Jeff Passan from ESPN reported that Stearns is finally joining the Mets. He will take over as their president of baseball operations, a position that had been intentionally left open after Steve Cohen had purchased the franchise. Bob Nightengale from USA Today reported that Stearns will get a five year contract in his new role.

David Stearns has intriguing task ahead with New York Mets

Stearns joins the Mets at an interesting point in time. The franchise is at a bit of a crossroads, having discovered that throwing enormous sums of cash is no guarantee of success. They essentially bought prospects in trading some of those higher priced players, covering a portion of their salary to bring back better pieces.

This is where Stearns comes in. He had been successful in building the Brewers into a contending team despite a limited payroll, helping improve their farm system while bringing in the right pieces to upgrade the roster. Although Billy Eppler is staying on as the general manager, the Mets are hoping that Stearns can work his magic. If so, they could turn into an east coast version of the Dodgers, having a limitless payroll and envious farm system.

Maybe Stearns is the missing piece. Maybe his skills in transforming the Brewers will turn the Mets around. And maybe he can help the Mets win their first championship since 1986, getting them over the hump. That is the hope at least, that Stearns can give the Mets that final boost.

The New York Mets have coveted David Stearns since Steve Cohen took over. Their pursuit finally came to fruition on Tuesday.

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