Truth about Chicago White Sox displayed during broadcast

The Chicago White Sox were catching stray shots on Saturday.

NBCSports California showed a graphic detailing the five worst bullpens in the majors since August 16 during the A’s game against the Rangers. The Rangers, despite their upgrades, had posted a 7.06 ERA, worst in the majors in that time. The White Sox, meanwhile, ranked third with a 6.50 ERA.

Chicago White Sox now known as Chicago Shite Sox

At least, that is what the graphic meant to show. Instead, it received attention due to a typo, referring to the White Sox as the Chicago Shite Sox. While they had a 55-87 record heading into Sunday, that was just cold.

This year was supposed to be different for the White Sox. Tony La Russa was gone, replaced by Pedro Grifol in a move that was supposed to fix the culture of the organization. There were plenty of bigger names still on the roster, leading to the hope that the White Sox would quickly turn everything around. Their moves in the offseason, such as signing Mike Clevinger and Elvis Andrus to one year deals, were geared towards a quick turnaround. Their five year deal for Andrew Benintendi was expected to help both this year and into the future.

Instead, the White Sox have disappointed once more. There has been a shakeup in the front office, with Ken Williams and Rick Hahn being let go. La Russa is still floating around in rumours. This season has been a disaster. Calling the team the Shite Sox is a fairly accurate description.

The Chicago White Sox have been a disappointment all year. Calling them the Chicago Shite Sox is an accurate description.

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  1. The 1970 White Sox team finished with a record of 56-106 but there was none of the wailing and briqbats we see from today’s media and fans. Two years later the White Sox turned things around and hung close to the Oakland A’s who eventually won 3 consecutive World Series It’s only a game, get over it.Things can turn for the better and the crowds start coming back.That’s an exciting part of baseball.

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