Mike Trout wants answers from Los Angeles Angels

One could understand if Mike Trout was beginning to be frustrated with the Los Angeles Angels.

He had been one of the greatest players in the game before injuries hindered him over the past few years. His presence in the lineup, coupled with Shohei Ohtani, gives the Angels two of the top talents in the majors. And yet, the Angels have not made the playoffs since 2014 and need to go 17-8 down the stretch to avoid their eighth consecutive losing season.

Mike Trout questing future of Los Angeles Angels

Changes are coming as well. Ohtani is likely out the door as a free agent. The Angels traded their top two prospects at the deadline in an attempt to make a playoff push, only to let those players go as the team faded. Now, Trout wants to have a conversation regarding the future of the franchise.

It is understandable as to why Trout would want to speak to the front office. He is 32 years old now, finishing up his 12th full season in the majors. He has appeared in just three playoff teams in that time, typically putting up great numbers on teams that hover around .500 at best. Their moves in free agency have not worked. Players seem apathetic at best. Changes need to be made in virtually every facet of the organization.

And now, Trout wants answers. He may be locked in through 2030, but that does not mean he is going to accept mediocrity. While a trade demand is unlikely, Trout may be at the end of his patience. And then, maybe the unthinkable could happen. Maybe, just maybe, he will demand a trade he probably should have asked for years ago.

Mike Trout is getting tired of the losing. He is finally demanding answers about the Los Angeles Angels future plans.

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