New York Mets not trading Pete Alonso

There has been some speculation that the New York Mets would trade Pete Alonso. It’s time to put that to rest.

Andy Martino at SNY reported on Thursday that such a deal is not inevitable. In fact, team owner Steve Cohen has gone out of his way to say how much Alonso means to the lineup and that he hopes to keep their star first baseman for the long term.

Some truth behind New York Mets trade rumours

At least there is a reason why these rumours started instead of someone pulling nonsense out of the air. The Mets had discussed Alonso with other teams prior to the trade deadline, something that general manager Billy Eppler admitted. However, he also stated that they had put a high price tag on their star first baseman, and that any trade “was going to hurt.”

These rumours are also going to continue in the offseason. The Mets are clearly rebuilding as they realized that Cohen’s money will not solve all of their problems. Alonso is a year away from free agency and has just started his hypothetical prime. Any potential deal could jumpstart their rebuilding process and possibly get them back into contention sooner.

The problem is that even the best prospects are a gamble. Look no further than division rival Miami – the Marlins traded Christian Yelich for a package that included three top 100 prospects. None of those players turned out to be viable major league options. The Mets know what Alonso is. And Cohen is still going to spend money on players he feels can be part of the core, even if this season was a disaster. Alonso is not going anywhere.

The New York Mets had discussed Pete Alonso at the trade deadline. However, he will not be going anywhere before the 2024 season.

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