If New York Yankees have a run, it will happen now

The Josh Donaldson Experiment had been an abject disaster. This was clear since last year when Donaldson failed to be the piece that the New York Yankees had hoped for. Add in his questionable locker room character and the money his acquisition freed up in Minnesota, and this experiment should not have been.

Donaldson’s time has finally come. The Yankees announced on Tuesday that they released him from the roster, ending an era that never should have happened.

The Josh Donaldson Error is over for New York Yankees

Suffice to say, Donaldson was a mistake in every way. He posted a miserable .207/.293/.385 batting line in his time in New York, hitting 25 homers and 29 doubles in 666 plate appearances. Even worse, Donaldson was considered a locker room cancer and someone that his teammates truly wanted nothing to do with.

Every ending can be a beginning. That is the case now in New York. The Yankees have won two games in a row now, edging closer to .500. With just over a month left in the season, and being 11 games out of the final Wild Card spot, their playoff chances are slim. But there is also something to be said for addition by subtraction. Sometimes, removing a cancer can be a breath of fresh air in a clubhouse.

Maybe that is what the Yankees need. Getting rid of Donaldson could remove a black cloud over the team. Chances are, it is too late for the Yankees to contend for a playoff spot, but stranger things have happened. If they do go on a run, it will be because Donaldson is no longer weighing the team down in every aspect.

Time is running out for the New York Yankees. If they do go on a run, it will be because Josh Donaldson is finally gone.

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