Zack Gelof already making Oakland A’s history

The Oakland A’s have had some impressive sluggers in franchise history.

The likes of Reggie Jackson, Mark McGwire, Jose Canseco, and Jimmie Foxx have all worn an A’s uniform. And yet, none of them have been able to match Zack Gelof in terms of power production to begin a career. The A’s rookie infielder reached the ten home run mark in the fewest games in franchise history.

Zack Gelof exceeding expectations with Oakland A’s

Gelof was not expected to be this type of slugger at the major league level. He had never hit more than 18 homers in a season, either as a professional or in college. Fangraphs had regarded him as a prospect who would be solid in every area, but would not necessarily stand out anywhere. He was expected to have average to slightly above average tools across the board, someone who would reach double digits in homers and steals while providing a solid batting average and on base skills. He was essentially viewed as a David DeJesus type in the middle infield, albeit with more swing and miss.

Suffice to say that Gelof has exceeded expectations. He has already cemented his place in A’s history with his home run stroke. Although he had been on the fringes of the Top 100 Prospect lists, he is establishing himself as a cornerstone for the organization. Considering the general lack of talent on the roster, they need it.

It is too soon to say with any certainty that Gelof will be a superstar. Major league history is littered with players that had one or two incredible months and fell back to Earth. After 36 games, there is no way of knowing whether or not that will be his fate as well. However, to this point, Gelof is emerging as a potential star in the making.

The Oakland A’s need to find building blocks for their roster. Zack Gelof could be a superstar in the making.

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