Baltimore Orioles ownership ruins optimism for future

In theory, this is a great time to be a Baltimore Orioles fan. The team is finally seeing the results of their long rebuilding process as they sit atop the AL East. A core of exciting young players, with more prospects on the horizon, should ensure that the Orioles continue to contend for the foreseeable future. It is just a matter of keeping the core together.

The problem will be keeping the core together. That is because ownership truly cannot get out of their own way, with owner John Angelos claiming the only way to keep their young core intact would be to “raise the prices massively.”

Baltimore Orioles ownership needs to change focus

Yes, it will cost money to lock all of their young players up to long term extensions. However, the Orioles already have the tenth most expensive tickets in the majors. There is some room to increase ticket prices, but by how much? And what exactly does Angelos mean by raising the prices massively?

The belief was that the Orioles were going to emulate the Astros plan for success. General manager Mike Elias was a part of the Astros’ front office when they undertook their own plans to tank. The difference is that the Astros began locking in their young stars and signed higher priced veterans to supplement the roster as needed. That path has led to a pair of championships once they were ready to contend.

Baltimore could follow that same path. They have the young pieces that could lead them into the future, especially with burgeoning superstars Adley Rutschman and Gunnar Henderson. It just comes down to how willing ownership is to step up and lock in their core. Otherwise, the Orioles could just become the A’s in a nicer ballpark – developing players and sending them away to repeat the cycle.

The Baltimore Orioles have a chance to build a sustainable contender. It is just a matter of John Angelos’ priorities in the coming years.

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