Angel Hernandez reminds everyone that he is MLB’s worst umpire

Major League Baseball has seen a spate of horrendous showing behind the plate over the past few days. Fortunately, Angel Hernandez is there to put these amateurs in their place.

Hernandez made his presence felt during the Braves matchup against the Giants on Sunday. His hilariously awful calls with Max Fried on the mound, including a curve that came nowhere near the plate and a fastball that painted the batter’s box on the opposite side, reminded everyone that he is the King of Bad Calls.

Angel Hernandez brings ridicule upon himself

Hernandez is hardly the only bad umpire in MLB. The likes of Laz Diaz and CB Bucknor have been mocked for their inability to call a game. However, none of them take themselves as seriously as Hernandez, who seems to feel that he is why fans go to the ballpark. He has even sued MLB for discrimination, culminating in a legal ruling that Hernandez is a terrible umpire.

That is the biggest problem with Hernandez. He refuses to accept that he is just not that great at his job. In his mind, he is the perfect umpire, infallible on the diamond and flawless behind the plate. Any questions otherwise will leave that player, coach, or manager out of the game. He even ejected former Bears defensive lineman Steve McMichael for calling him out during the seventh inning stretch. He goes looking for trouble, creating drama when there isn’t any.

Incompetence on the diamond is bad enough, especially when the games hinge on those calls. One also cannot be thin skinned when in such a position. Hernandez is both. It makes him an easy target for ridicule and derision. Of course, Hernandez will not see it that way.

Angel Hernandez may well be the worst umpire in Major League Baseball. He reminded us all of his incompetence on Sunday.

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