Oakland A’s being used as threat for Milwaukee Brewers

One had to imagine that Major League Baseball had other targets in mind with how they are handling the Oakland A’s potential relocation situation. The Milwaukee Brewers appear to be one of those targets.

According to Molly Beck of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Brewers have given some thought to relocation. Tom Daykin, also of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, reported that the issues involve the team’s lease on the ballpark and improvements that need to be made. Beck, meanwhile, reported that the Brewers could look for a new home as soon as this offseason if progress is not made in those negotiations.

MLB wielding relocation as hammer with Milwaukee Brewers

And now we know why MLB was so keen on allowing the A’s to move. They are willing to waive the relocation fee, an amount worth billions, to get the A’s to Las Vegas. That decision was not popular with other owners in the league, especially with the A’s slashing payroll to pathetic levels despite receiving money from revenue sharing. In fact, it simply did not make sense.

But now we know why MLB was so adamant about screwing over the City of Oakland. They can now wield that threat of relocation as a hammer, forcing cities to give them anything they want. If a city does not want to play ball, another place will. The league holds all the power, so give them what they want.

That may be why the A’s are being pushed to relocate by the league. This puts some teeth to the threat or relocation as they can point to Oakland. The Brewers could end up being the next test case. Either the handouts continue for the billionaire owners, or the team goes someplace else. It’s their call.

The Oakland A’s are being used as a test case. And they could be used as leverage against the Milwaukee Brewers.

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