Colorado Rockies find new way to embarrass themselves

The Colorado Rockies are no strangers to being one of the biggest embarrassments in baseball. They managed to take things to another level when it comes to celebrating the 30th anniversary of their inaugural season.

One would imagine that the Rockies would pay for those players to come to Colorado. Their lodgings could also easily be provided for as team owner Dick Monfort owns a hotel right next to the ballpark. Instead, as former pitcher Marvin Freeman noted, the Rockies are having their former players pay for their airfare and lodgings to be a part of the festivities.

Colorado Rockies show progress is illusionary

It had appeared as though the Rockies were showing progress. The organization had finally recognized that the trade deadline existed, albeit a couple of years too late. There were actually reasons to hope that the Rockies had finally modernized and were ready to be a serious baseball team instead of a group of incestuous, nepotistic hacks.

But Monfort found a way. He emerged from his coma and went right back to making the Rockies a laughing stock. But we do have to give him some credit for how he made the team laughable again – after all, how many other organizations would invite their former players back, but expect them to pay for their airfare and lodgings?

It is good to know that there are certain things that can be counted on in baseball. Shohei Ohtani will do something that has not been seen in over a century almost any time he sets foot on the diamond. Ronald Acuna Jr. will dazzle with his all around skill. The Rays will find a way to do more with less. And the Rockies will be a joke in every sense of the word.

The Colorado Rockies have found a new way to be a joke of a franchise. Making players pay their own way to a reunion is next level.

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