Jon Singleton comes full circle with Houston Astros

Jon Singleton is proving that you really can go home again. At least, if home is the Houston Astros.

He had infamously signed a five year, $10 million extension with the Astros, a deal including three team options and incentives that could push the total value to $30 million. Instead, he became a warning for teams signing prospects to those long term deals. He had just 420 plate plate appearances between 2014 and 2015 before being banished to the minors, never to return.

Jon Singleton getting second chance with Houston Astros

Singleton’s struggles continued in the minors. He was demoted all the way to Double-A in 2017 and was still unable to put anything together. The Astros released him during his third suspension for a failed drug test due to his marijuana usage. He was then out of baseball for three years before resurfacing in Mexico, putting together a dominant performance that led to a minor league deal from the Brewers for the 2022 season.

Singleton stayed in the Brewers organization to start the 2023 season as well, eventually being called up to the majors for the first time since 2015. He was unable to capitalize on that opportunity, with just three hits in his 32 plate appearances, striking out 11 times with three walks. Singleton then signed a minor league deal with the Astros and dominated in Sugar Land, earning another opportunity at the major league level.

He is not going to be playing every day. Jose Abreu and Yordan Alvarez are entrenched at first at DH respectively. However, the Astros are extremely right handed when it comes to the lineup and were looking for a lefty bat at the trade deadline. Singleton is going to get his chances.

Maybe the second time will be the charm for Jon Singleton and the Houston Astros. At least he is showing one can go home again.

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