South Korean prospect Jang Hyeon-seok may bypass KBO

Jang Hyeon-seok is expected to be the first overall selection in the Korean Baseball Organization draft. Well, about that…

KBO teams may not even get the chance to select Jang. As reported by Kim Geun-han of Naver Sports, Jang was not only scouted by every KBO team during his most recent outing, but also by multiple major league teams. Although those teams are not specifically mentioned, it was noted that two NL and one AL team have already made contract offers to the young pitcher.

Jang Hyeon-seok could be intriguing addition for MLB team

He made a strong impression during his outing on July 24. Jang fired 6.1 scoreless innings, allowing just three hits as he struck out 14 batters. His fastball topped out at 96.3 MPH, an impressive number for such a young pitcher. It is also a velocity that will allow teams to imagine what could be forthcoming as he adds strength to his developing frame.

A decision may also be coming soon. Jang was expected to determine whether or not he would head stateside or enter the KBO draft once the Blue Dragon Tournament comes to an end. While his decision was expected by August, it makes sense that Jang would take some time. It is his future at stake after all.

Whether or not he comes stateside, Jang has established himself as an intriguing prospect. He is clearly on the radar for major league teams. If he stays in South Korea, and has a strong showing in the KBO, that interest could only increase.

Jang Hyeon-seok has already garnered major league attention. That could result in his bypassing the KBO altogether.

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