San Diego Padres make move for floundering playoff push

The San Diego Padres are on the outside looking in as it comes to the postseason. That does not mean they are throwing in the towel.

Instead, the Padres are looking to bolster their chances. Jeff Passan from ESPN reported that they have acquired Rich Hill and Ji-Man Choi from the Pirates. Jon Heyman from the New York Post reported that pitcher Jackson Wolf is the main prospect heading back to Pittsburgh.

San Diego Padres need more than Rich Hill, Ji-Man Choi

Hill has essentially been around since the days of base ball before the Civil War but is still an effective arm. He has posted a 4.76 ERA and a 1.479 WHiP over his 119 innings, striking out 104 batters with 47 walks. While he is prone to the occasional blow up, Hill is still going strong as a solid back of the rotation arm.

Choi missed most of the first three months of the season with a left Achilles strain, being reactivated on July 7. He has posted a .205/.244/.507 batting line in his 76 plate appearances, hitting six homers and four doubles. He has historically been solid against right handed pitching, giving the Padres a possible platoon option going forward.

This deal also does not change the Padres’ situation. They enter Tuesday with a 52-55 record, five games out of the Wild Card. Hill and Choi may be solid pieces to add to a contending team in need of a slight boost, but they will do nothing in terms of helping the Padres’ chances. Instead of missing the playoffs by five games, they may cut the gap to four. It just is not enough.

The San Diego Padres have acquired Rich Hill and Ji-Man Choi for a postseason push. It is not nearly enough to make a difference.

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