ESPN even clueless with Aaron Judge, New York Yankees

No one expects ESPN to be a font of baseball knowledge these days. The era where they actually cared about sports, and journalism for that matter, is long in the past. However, one had to imagine that ESPN would at least pay attention when it comes to the New York Yankees and Aaron Judge.

After all, the Yankees are one of the more famous sports teams globally. Even people who are not baseball fans know who the Yankees are. Judge, meanwhile, is a superstar, having set an American League record with 62 homers last season. That should be more than enough for ESPN to be accurate in their reporting.

ESPN cannot be bothered for accuracy with New York Yankees, Aaron Judge

It turns out that is not the case. ESPN tweeted out a highlight of Judge hitting a homer on Saturday, saying that it was his first home run since May. The problem is that Judge had actually last homered on June 3, right before he landed on the Injured List. But that does not sound as good as “since May” so no one at the four letter network cares.

Should anyone really be surprised? ESPN is more interested in soundbites and catering to bloviating morons such as Stephen A. Smith to care about journalistic integrity or accuracy. Their quality has gone downhill in every facet, something that is clearly obvious when watching Sunday Night Baseball. Hell, they even spent broadcast time discussing other sports instead of paying attention to the game.

It is a sad state of affairs. There was a time when ESPN was respected and actually worthy of their claim of being the worldwide leader in sports. Now? They have become far more of an entertainment station than an actual sports network.

ESPN claims that New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge had not homered since May. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

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