St. Louis Cardinals repeating horrendous Nolan Arenado treatment

Nolan Arenado ended up with the St. Louis Cardinals due to the Rockies complete ineptitude and inability to treat their star players properly. History appears set to repeat itself with the star third baseman.

Trade rumours have been swirling around Arenado as the Cardinals hopes for 2023 have gone up in flames. However, the front office has not been willing to discuss those rumours, leaving Arenado to face those questions. He did his part, stating that the Cardinals have not approached him about waiving his no-trade clause or that a trade will be forthcoming. He feels that it is just a matter of the organization doing their due diligence.

St. Louis Cardinals should not put Nolan Arenado in this position

It is certainly admirable that Arenado came back to talk to reporters about his situation. He faced those difficult questions and gave honest answers. It would have been easy for him to walk away and tell reporters to speak to the front office, redirecting their questions to the people that should be handling them. Instead, he went above and beyond to be honest about what was happening.

This is also a position that Arenado should not have been put into. The Cardinals should have nipped this in the bud, either stating that they are not looking to trade their third baseman or by simply saying that they are doing their due diligence. By refusing to speak, all the Cardinals are doing is fanning those flames. And they are putting Arenado into a difficult spot.

This is not as bad as the ending of his tenure in Colorado. Then general manager Jeff Bridich essentially paid the Cardinals to take Arenado off their hands, furthering a disappointing return for the star. While bridges have not been nuked just yet, this situation is not making the relationship any better. The Cardinals should be able to realize that.

Nolan Arenado has been forced to discuss a possible trade. The St. Louis Cardinals should not have put him in that spot.

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  1. If the Cardinals trade Arenado, arguably the best third baseman in baseball, then the next person to go should be Mozeliak. 42,000 fans should begin the chant “Mo must go!”

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