3 most disappointing teams of 2023 MLB season

Every year, there are teams that are expected to contend based on their moves during the offseason. And every year, Major League Baseball proves that the games need to be played on the diamond, not on paper. Those paper champions falter, showing that fantasy teams do not always win in MLB after all.

That has been the case this season as well. Teams that won the offseason have not capitalized on that success and have disappointed in the first half. Let’s take a look at three of the most disappointing teams thus far.

Most disappointing teams in first half of MLB season

New York Mets

The Mets were supposed to build off of a 2022 season that saw the team win 100 games. The rotation was supposed to be better, the bullpen had been solidified, and they had better depth. Top prospects were on the cusp of reaching the majors to add exuberance to the locker room. Instead, the Mets have faltered, posting a 42-48 record heading into the All Star Break, fourth in the NL East. Rumours about Buck Showalter’s job security have started and there has been talk of key veterans being traded. The Mets have been a disaster that money cannot fix.

San Diego Padres

The Padres are essentially the west coast Mets. They also built a fantasy team in a quest to win a championship. And like the Mets, they were coming off of a successful 2022 season, reaching the NLCS before being eliminated. The Padres have also been one of the biggest disappointments thus far, posting a 43-47 record, a distant fourth in the NL West. Although there has yet to be any talk about trading off any of their pieces, the Padres may have to look at selling players such as impending free agent Josh Hader.

New York Yankees

The Yankees have already made a move due to their disappointing season, axing hitting coach Dillon Lawson. However, the Yankees flawed roster and struggles offensively this season are not entirely his fault. Maybe that will be the spark they need to each a postseason berth, but it seems more likely that Aaron Judge will determine whether or not they reach the playoffs. Otherwise, the Yankees could be the biggest disappointment of the 2023 MLB season because of their own internal expectations.

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