Paul Skenes hype train keeps chugging along

Paul Skenes may be the top prospect in the upcoming 2023 MLB Draft and it is easy to see why.

Skenes is an impressive prospect as a pitcher. He has two offerings that are already considered plus-plus – an 80 grade fastball that averages 98 MPH and can touch 102 MPH with impressive carry and a 70 grade slider with sharp break that left collegiate foes looking foolish. His changeup is at least an average offering with plenty of fade. And, Skenes is also a two way player whose power and defense at first would land him in the first three rounds of the draft as a hitter. The entire package makes him a talent any team would love to have.

Paul Skenes considered one of top draft prospects ever

His impressive fastball and slider, coupled with his solid command, makes him the top pitching prospect in this year’s draft. He is already considered a future top of the rotation arm, someone that could be one of the few actual aces in the game. Skenes certainly has the stuff and potential to get there.

That hype train also includes his stature as a prospect entering the draft. has Skenes listed as the second best pitching prospect of the Draft Era, trailing only Stephen Strasburg. Of course, that stature does not portend future success; the likes of Brien Taylor, Todd Van Poppel, and David Clyde are also there. Injury cases such as Mark Prior, Ben McDonald, and Strasburg are also a part of the list.

But it is easy to dream. That is especially the case with a pitcher such as Skenes, whose stuff is at a level where he should find success. At least, that is what whichever team is lucky enough to land his talents will hope for. Even if he does not work out on the mound, there is his offensive potential to still be an impact player.

The Paul Skenes hype train has been full steam ahead for the past few weeks. It is only getting started.

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