Alek Manoah disaster continues for Toronto Blue Jays

Alek Manoah appeared destined to be the next Toronto Blue Jays ace. Instead, it is fair to wonder if his career is already approaching an end.

Manoah had struggled from the start of the season, a pair of strong outings against the Royals and Yankees notwithstanding. It had appeared as though he had reached the nadir of his season on June 5, allowing six runs on seven hits and a walk while only recording one out against the Astros. He was banished to the minors as the Blue Jays looked to rebuild the once burgeoning ace.

Alek Manoah – another Toronto Blue Jays pitching implosion?

It actually got worse. Manoah got into a game for the first time in three weeks on Tuesday, pitching in the Florida Complex League against the Yankees’ low minor leaguers. He was no match for those 17 to 20 year olds, allowing 11 runs on ten hits, including two homers, and two walks. Manoah struck out three batters and only recorded eight outs.

The Blue Jays have seen this startling fall from grace before. Ricky Romero was an All Star in 2011 before he lost his command the following season, making his final major league appearance in 2013. Although he languished in the minors until 2017, Romero struggled in Triple-A and was unable to return to the majors. Injuries and his inability to command his arsenal ruined a once promising career.

It is too early to say that the same will happen with Manoah. However, his implosion in the FCL and ballooning weight have not helped matters. His stuff was being hit hard in the majors this season, and he was tattooed yet again in the low minors. Something needs to change with Manoah. Otherwise, he could be on the same path Romero followed.

Alek Manoah imploded in the Florida Complex League in Tuesday. The Toronto Blue Jays have to hope he can right the ship going forward.

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