Cincinnati Reds: Elly de la Cruz could lose a lot of money

The Cincinnati Reds appear to have a budding star with Elly de la Cruz.

Although it is still very early in his career, de la Cruz has already made history. He became just the second player in the modern era to have a single, double, triple, homer, and a stolen base in his first three games, joining 1950s speedster Bill Bruton. His athleticism, speed, ability to hit the ball hard, and stellar arm have already impressed. It is just a matter of time until he becomes a superstar.

Cincinnati Reds prospect Elly de la Cruz already losing chunk of paycheck

It is easy to imagine a large paycheck in his future. Despite having less than a week of major league service time, his path to future All Star Games is being charted. This should lead to a large payday in his future.

But de la Cruz will not receive all of that money. He had signed for a meager $65,000 bonus back in 2018, leading to his agreeing to pay Big League Advantage 10% of his career salary earnings for a loan to help him through his time in the minors. If de la Cruz receives a large extension at some point in the future, BLA will receive a nice payout as well.

He is not the only player to have done so. Fernando Tatis Jr. did the same back in 2017; his massive extension with the Padres led to a $30 million payday for BLA. It is far too early to say that a similar payout will be coming, but that early loan could prove quite costly for de la Cruz as well.

Elly de la Cruz took out a loan from Big League Advantage early in his professional career. It could prove costly for the Cincinnati Reds prospect.

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  1. Wow, Reds really dropped the ball on this one. Why MLB does not have a more structured and financial plan for payment of all players now that MLB owns minor leagues. 10% outta be illegal

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