Karachi Monarchs to have distinct Dominican feel

It remains to be seen what their roster will look like, but the Karachi Monarchs will have a distinct Dominican feel in their braintrust.

That is due to a pair of former MLB stars joining the franchise. Future Hall of Famer Adrian Beltre was named as the honorary GM of the Monarchs. Joining him is former AL MVP Miguel Tejada who will serve as the first manager in franchise history.

Karachi Monarchs leaders can impart valuable lessons to team

One of the co-owners of Baseball United, Beltre was a star in the majors. Widely hailed as one of the best all around third basemen in the game, he was a four time All Star and five time Gold Glove winner, notching 3166 hits and 477 homers. He also battled back after a rough five year run in Seattle, putting together an excellent second half to his career. That return to form will lead to his enshrinement in Cooperstown in the coming years.

Tejada was one of the best players in baseball for a time. He was a six time All Star and the 2002 AL MVP, an impressive run producer at short. But he also had plenty of controversy over his career. He was accused of injecting Rafael Palmeiro with steroids to lead to his failed PED test. Tejada also had failed PED tests of his own, and his son had a contract voided due to a failed PED test as well.

Their careers can also help guide the Monarchs’ players. Beltre had to work to overcome adversity and return to form. His hard work and dedication can help inspire the roster. Tejada, meanwhile, can help warn against the pitfalls of fame and the desperation to do anything possible to keep their spot on the roster. Those lessons could be all the more important as Baseball United looks to truly establish baseball in the Indian subcontinent.

The Karachi Monarchs have added a pair of Dominican greats to the brain trust. They will get plenty of life lessons as well.

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