Las Vegas may not want Oakland A’s after all

The Oakland A’s all but have the U-Haul trucks lined up at the Coliseum to head to Las Vegas. They may want to wait a bit.

According to the Las Vegas Locally Twitter account, the likelihood of a deal between the A’s and the state of Nevada has decreased. What had been considered a done deal is now in the “maybe” category. And that may be due to the opinions of Nevada residents.

It turns out that Nevada residents are not enamored with the idea of the A’s coming to Las Vegas. A whopping 72% of respondents oppose the state giving the A’s any money for a stadium. It is easy to understand why as well.

John Fisher may cost Oakland A’s Las Vegas home

This all comes back to ownership. The A’s have claimed that they will start spending money on payroll once they are in Las Vegas, but there is no reason to believe that will be the case. Everything John Fisher has done is coming under the microscope and no one is impressed. His refusal to spend on the roster, forcing the front office to dismantle the team, and horrendous treatment of A’s fans in Oakland has been magnified.

And that could cost him. Major League Baseball and Fisher desperately want the A’s in Las Vegas. But the league and ownership have to sell the city on the A’s as well. After seeing how the Raiders have performed, and the expense of their stadium, it has been a harder sell than they would have anticipated.

So where could this leave the A’s? If they are unable to get funding for a stadium in Las Vegas, they may have to crawl back to Oakland. Or maybe they search for another location desperate enough to hand Fisher the blank check he wants for that new stadium. Or, just maybe, the league finally realizes that ownership is a disaster and forces a sale.

The Oakland A’s to Las Vegas was a done deal. It turns out Nevada residents don’t want to deal with John Fisher either.

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  1. Nothing to do with the residents of Las Vegas not wanting the team. It is up to the state legislature to approve funding which still has a chance in special session.

  2. I DONT WANT THEM HEAR EVER!!! WE CAN START OUR OWN TEAM WE CAN GET BEHIND… STUPID ASS NAME FOR A SORRY CLUB… NO THANKS…. Were big enough to start pur own We can get behind on your good boy lol

  3. This is all irrelevant when it comes down to it we don’t have much of a choice. They are horrible from top down and will never rise up as a successful MLB team again.

  4. Las Vegas wants MLB, just not the Oakland A’s. An expansion team or a complete re-branding. I think the Raiders and Mark Davis have left a bad taste in the mouth of Las Vegas!! Just my opinion!!

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