Milwaukee Brewers right place for Jon Singleton to succeed

Jon Singleton took a strange path to the Milwaukee Brewers.

He was once one of the top prospects in baseball, a consensus top 100 prospect from 2012 through 2014. Singleton signed a five year extension worth a guaranteed $10 million before he ever played a game in the majors, putting a great deal of pressure on the Astros’ top prospect. However, with his prodigious power and ability to get on base, he was worth the risk.

But Singleton flamed out anyway. He had a disappointing .168/.285/.335 batting line in his 362 plate appearances after being called up in 2014. While he displayed his power and patience at the plate, he also struck out 37% of the time. Any hopes that he would be better faded quickly in 2015 as Singleton only had 58 plate appearances that year, ending up being banished to the minors and taken off of the Astros’ 40 man roster. A second failed drug test for marijuana led to his being released from the organization.

Pressure off Jon Singleton with Milwaukee Brewers

Singleton did not play at all in 2018 and 2019 as he battled his personal demons. He was to join the Diablos Rojos in the Mexican League in 2020 but the pandemic ended those plans. When he finally returned to the diamond in 2021, he showed that same power and patience. His performance led to a minor league deal with the Brewers for 2022 and his returning after the season. He was even briefly added to the 40 man roster before being released, but he was eventually re-signed once more.

After another strong performance at Triple-A, Singleton is back in the majors. At 31 years old, he is no longer regarded as a future star and cornerstone player. That is perfectly fine as the Brewers just want him to do what he has in the minors – hit homers and get on base. If he can do that and solidify first base for the Brewers, so much the better.

And this is the perfect spot for Singleton. There is no pressure and very minimal expectations. Anything he can give the Brewers is a bonus. Maybe now, he can finally tap into that potential that once made him a highly regarded prospect now that he is no longer under that pressure to be a star.

Jon Singleton has gotten another chance with the Milwaukee Brewers. His long journey back to the majors is over.

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