Karachi Monarchs become second Baseball United franchise

Baseball United had announced an official partnership with Pakistan Federation Baseball several days ago. It makes sense that their next franchise would be located in that country.

That proved to be the case. The league announced their second franchise on Tuesday – the Karachi Monarchs, who will become the first professional baseball team in Pakistan’s history.

Karachi Monarchs extend reach for Baseball United

The Monarchs name has a connection to Pakistan. The Karachi Kings are one of the founding members of the Pakistan Super League, the premier cricket association in the country. It is also a name that has a rich history in baseball as well as the Kansas City Monarchs were one of the great franchises in the Negro Leagues before integration.

Having the Monarchs as the second team also makes sense given the sports history between India and Pakistan. They are fierce rivals in cricket, their contests considered to be the sport’s version of the Red Sox and Yankees. Those contests have a great deal of pageantry and drama – something that the league will be looking to recreate on the diamond.

Karachi is also the perfect city for the second Baseball United franchise. It is one of the largest cities in the world, ranking 12th in population. In order for the league to take off and be a success, they will need to make inroads in those larger metropolitan areas in the Middle East and Indian subcontinent. Karachi is one of those cities that the league needs to be a success.

Baseball United has announced their second franchise. The Karachi Monarchs have joined the Mumbai Cobras as a founding franchise.

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