Aaron Hicks not what Baltimore Orioles need

The Baltimore Orioles are going to need help in the outfield, at least for the short term. Cedric Mullins is dealing with a strained right abductor, an injury that will keep him sidelined for at least a couple of weeks. His injury leaves a huge hole in both the middle of the Orioles’ lineup and in the outfield.

It should not be a surprise that the Orioles were looking for options while Mullins is injured. What is a surprise is that former division rival Aaron Hicks is their answer.

Aaron Hicks low cost lottery ticket for Baltimore Orioles

In theory, Hicks would make some sense. The Orioles need someone to slot in at center, and Hicks does have plenty of experience at the position. He would also be cheap as the Yankees are paying all but the prorated major league minimum if he signs. Maybe a change of scenery is all that Hicks needs.

The problem is that he just has not been a viable major league option in years. He has produced a meager .209/.315/.310 batting line in his 655 plate appearances since the start of the 2021 season, hitting 13 homers and 14 doubles while stealing ten bases. It is also fair to question the idea of replacing an injured player with someone who has the fragility of a Fabergé Egg.

Despite times call for despite measures. As the Orioles are still unsure as to how long Mullins will be sidelined, it makes sense to see if they can salvage anything out of Hicks. However, if Mullins is going to be on the shelf for more than a couple of weeks, Hicks is not the answer.

The Baltimore Orioles are giving Aaron Hicks a chance. Despite the low cost, he will not be the piece the Orioles need.

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