Oakland A’s current state entirely on John Fisher

It is difficult to remember that the Oakland A’s were a contending ballclub in 2021.

However, that was the case. The A’s had an 86-76 record that season, fading late to miss the postseason. Yet, with a core that included Matt Olson, Matt Chapman, Chris Bassitt, Sean Murphy, and Frankie Montas, the pieces were there. It was just a matter of supplementing that core with the right players. But these are the A’s – owner John Fisher is as allergic to spending money as Thomas J. Sennett is allergic to bees.

MLB needs to force out Oakland A’s owner John Fisher for good of league

Instead, virtually all of the A’s major league caliber talent is gone. What is left is a team that might lose to most Triple-A squads. The A’s are on pace to lose 133 games, shattering the modern record held by the infamous 1962 Mets. They had been outscored by 199 runs heading into Memorial Day; the second worst run differential belonged to the Royals at -76. Most of their trades and free agent signings have been a disaster. The A’s may as well take the diamond to Yakety Sax at this point.

But that is not going to be Oakland’s problem soon, right? Well, maybe not. Fisher is dead set on relocating to Las Vegas, but that has been a circus as well. The A’s have twice had agreements for a site for a new stadium but continue to look elsewhere. They are trying to push a bill through the Nevada legislature that the state may not want. Considering how the league has done everything possible to make this move happen, their ineptitude is all the more glaring.

There will come a time when the A’s inability to do anything right will come to a head. Fisher has alienated the fans in Oakland to the point where other teams are taking shots at their lack of attendance. If they cannot get this deal done, MLB will need to step in. It is long past time that they forced Fisher to sell the franchise.

Major League Baseball has a problem in Oakland. The problem is Oakland A’s owner John Fisher.

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