Baseball United announces first official franchise in Mumbai Cobras

One may not think of the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent as hotbeds of baseball. However, Baseball United is looking to change that. The Mumbai Cobras are the beginning.

They certainly have a chance to do so. Founded by Kash Shaikh, and with legendary MLB players such as Barry Larkin, Felix Hernandez, Mariano Rivera, and Adrian Beltre as part of the ownership group, there is plenty of star power behind the league. Now it is just a matter of getting their teams set up.

Mumbai Cobras first Baseball United franchise

That process has already begun. Baseball United announced on Monday that their first franchise has been established – the Mumbai Cobras. The cobra is a protected species and is an important part of Hindu culture. It is the perfect symbol for the new franchise, especially as they look to connect to the region.

The Cobras are just the first team to come about. Three other teams will be formed over the next two months, announced at various points in time. Those four teams will be owned by the league through their tournament in November, after which Baseball United will look for different ownership groups. A competitive tournament showcasing the league’s talent would go a long way to attracting those investments.

Hopefully, this is just the beginning. The Middle East and Indian subcontinent are still untapped when it comes to baseball. While Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel signed with the Pirates due to a reality show called “Million Dollar Arm Hunt,” no one from India has made their way to the majors. Maybe, just maybe, Baseball United can help jumpstart the love of the sport in the region and bring that talent to the diamond.

Baseball United is looking to break through in an untapped market. The Mumbai Cobras are the first official franchise in that quest.

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