St. Louis Cardinals reverse course on Willson Contreras

So…about Willson Contreras taking a break from catching for the St. Louis Cardinals…

It was not that long ago that the Cardinals said they were moving Contreras out from behind the plate. He was slated to work as a designated hitter and outfielder exclusively for at least two weeks with the team re-evaluating things at that time. He had a meeting with the pitching staff on Monday as the team mentioned confidence issues. This was not what the Cardinals had expected when he signed his five year deal.

St. Louis Cardinals putting faith back into Willson Contreras

Those two weeks turned out to be a bit of an overestimation. According to Katie Woo from The Athletic, Contreras will catch Jack Flaherty on Monday.

This may prove to be the correct decision both in the long and short term. The Cardinals currently have a crowded outfield even with Contreras behind the plate. Likewise, putting him as their designated hitter limits opportunities for the rest of the lineup. While the Cardinals need his bat in the middle of their lineup, they also need to find the best place for him.

That spot is behind the plate. While the Cardinals clearly miss Yadier Molina’s presence, he is not coming back. The pitching staff needs to turn the page and that involves learning how to trust Contreras. It is going to take time, but the Cardinals front office did not invest a minimum of $87.5 million for their prized free agent to play another position. Contreras is going to be the Cardinals’ catcher for the foreseeable future once again.

The St. Louis Cardinals have changed their minds once more regarding Willson Contreras. He is heading back behind the plate once again.

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