Oakland A’s continue clueless hunt for stadium site

It is becoming increasingly clear that the Oakland A’s have no idea what they are doing when it comes to a new stadium.

Less than a month ago, the A’s had entered an agreement to purchase 49 acres for a new stadium just west of the Las Vegas strip. At the same time, they had ended any and all contact with the City of Oakland, leaving the Howard Terminal Project dead. MLB was set to get the Las Vegas team they had been pushing for.

Oakland A’s change mind on new stadium location

But those plans have reportedly changed. Howard Stutz of The Nevada Independent has reported that the A’s are now in agreement with Bally’s to build a ballpark on a portion of the Tropicana Las Vegas site. This new stadium would cost approximately $1.5 billion to complete. On the plus side, the A’s would only be demanding $395 million in public funds.

There are problems there as well. The A’s have yet to make a definite proposal regarding those funds. There are 28 days left in Nevada’s 120 day legislative period and nothing has been done regarding any legislation for the ballpark. As several lawmakers have said that any proposal would likely be needed this week, it is fair to question if anything will get finalized before next year.

Even then, nothing is guaranteed. Tax payers are not enamored with the idea of paying for a new stadium for the A’s. Considering how ownership has refused to spend on the team and outright sabotaged their relationship with the fans in Oakland, who can blame them? Las Vegas would rather have an expansion team than the A’s. Frankly, Oakland deserves better than the A’s, at least with this ownership group.

It should not be a surprise that the A’s are acting like a toddler on a sugar rush regarding a new stadium. Ownership has not displayed an ability to commit to anything other than bumping up their bank account balances. Their promises of an increased payroll ring hollow given their track record. No one can trust a word they are saying – after all, they are breaking an agreement to purchase land for a new stadium within a month. Why would anyone want to hand the A’s a dime?

The Oakland A’s reportedly changed where they are planning on building a new stadium. The real question is if Las Vegas even wants them in town.

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