Let’s not bury Carlos Rodon’s 2023 New York Yankees season just yet

Depending on who you ask depends on whether or not Carlos Rodon will pitch for the New York Yankees this year.

According to the Jomboy podcast, it’s not happening. He is claiming that sources within the Yankees said that one should not get their hopes up about Rodon pitching this season. However, another source close to Rodon had a very succinct one word rebuttal. As that other source happens to be his wife, one would imagine she has inside information.

What is going on with New York Yankees pitcher Carlos Rodon?

There had already been a good deal of uncertainty surrounding Rodon’s 2023 season. He had been sidelined with a forearm strain, only to have his back issues flare up once his arm felt better. Rodon had told Bryan Hoch from MLB.com that his back issues are a chronic condition and that he will be getting a cortisone injection. As to when he will get back on the mound? That is still unknown.

The Yankees could certainly use him in the rotation. Rodon has emerged as a star over the past two years, giving New York a theoretical second ace. He had posted a 27-13 record with a 2.67 ERA and a 0.998 WHiP overhis 310.2 innings in that time, striking out 422 batters with just 88 walks. He would make a major difference for a struggling Yankees team.

But the Yankees are going to be cautious. Rodon had signed a six year deal worth $168 million during the 2022-23 offseason. They have bigger fish to fry than to get a couple of extra games out of him this season. He will be on the mound when he is ready and not a moment sooner. It is just a question of when that will be.

There are conflicting reports on whether Carlos Rodon will pitch for the New York Yankees this year. Let’s not bury him just yet.

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