Matt Harvey and what could have been for the New York Mets

This is not how it was supposed to end for Matt Harvey and the New York Mets.

Harvey was supposed to be their long term ace, pairing with Noah Syndergaard to give the Mets a formidable duo atop the rotation. Despite Tommy John surgery that cost him the 2014 season, Harvey had a 2.53 ERA and a 1.000 WHiP over his first 427 innings in the majors, striking out 449 batters with 94 walks. He had a stellar performance in Game Five of the World Series that year and appeared ready to be the next superstar for the Mets.

From New York Mets superstar to ending with a whisper

But then it all fell apart for Harvey. He struggled to begin the 2016 season, with whispers about his dedication and attitude. There was the thought that he was reading his headlines and more focused on the nightlife than the diamond. Then the injuries came, leaving him unable to recapture his former glory. Now, unable to find a team willing to take him on despite a solid showing for the Italian National Team in the World Baseball Classic, Harvey announced his retirement at just 34 years old.

It was not supposed to end like this. Harvey was expected to be just leaving his prime, still a top of the rotation arm despite the years. He was expected to be a multiple time All Star and possibly have a Cy Young award or two on the mantle. Maybe there would be a World Series ring as well. Instead, he retires after bouncing around the league, failing to recapture that former glory. Harvey retired after posting a 6.83 ERA and a 1.613 WHiP over his final 199 innings between 2019 and 2021, striking out 144 batters with 71 walks.

Harvey’s retirement makes one wonder what could have been. What he could have become had he stayed healthy. Or if he had dedicated himself to his craft instead of chasing the nightlife. Unfortunately, we will never know, those questions remaining unanswered.

Matt Harvey was supposed to be a star for the New York Mets. Instead, his career has already come to an end as he announced his retirement.

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